10 Tricks to Beat Sciatic Pain Without Taking Harmful Drugs and Painkillers

Sciatica is a condition when the sciatic nerve is agitated as a result of bulging discs, inflammation, arthritis or other problems which cause pain, tingling, and numbness radiating from the lower back down to the legs. From a statistic point of view, around 40% of all Americans will suffer from sciatica at some point in their life.

Sciatica can be very painful, affecting greatly the quality of your life.

But, don’t worry. In this article, we are going to present you 10 tricks to reduce your sciatic pain and support your back.

  • Strengthen Your Abs, Core, and Torso Muscles

If you have a strong musculature, it means that you will support the rest of your body. That is the reason why you should regularly do simple stretches, exercises and meditative activities such as yoga.

  • Change Your Routine

If you continuously repeat the same movements, your muscles might get weakened, which worsens your sciatica pain. We advise you to use your pillow differently, walk frequently, change your sitting position, and avoid carrying heavy bags. By making changes in your daily routine you will maintain your physical and mental health. It is hard to give up on your habits, but everything is in your mind. Have a strong will and you will achieve successful results.

  • Keep a Good Posture

Every time you notice that you are not keeping proper posture, not sitting up straight, or slumping forward, open up your chest by taking deep breath. Always look straight forward, and keep the top of your head upwards. Make sure your hips and shoulders should be equally balanced. It’s important to be persistent, because building up your muscles will improve your body posture. Using an exercise ball is highly recommended. In this way, you will balance your body and keeping a good posture will be now much easier.

  • Stretching

Doctors recommend this activity to help lower back problems. Stretching and rolling out the hamstring muscles are excellent exercises in treating this condition. To support your back and reduce the sciatic pain, do stretching, massaging, or use a roller. In this way you will be taking care of your legs.

  • Lift Properly

Think of your back when you lift some heavy things. If your body is at a wrong angle while lifting some object, you are risking a great damage to your back that later will be hard to treat and cure. To avoid this situation, use a large box or a gallon of water when you pick up a heavy object. Also, make sure you lift your leg muscles and certainly not your back muscles. Stand in a stable posture. Be likewise careful with lifting light objects, because its weight will increase by the time it gets to your back.

  • You Need Some Time to Relax

Stressful situations and excessive tension can significantly contribute to sciatica pain. They are closely related, because stress increases the acidity in the body, hence causing inflammation and severe pain. Therefore, you need some time for yourself to rest and relax. When you are stressed out, try meditation, read a book or take a bubble bath. Taking deep breaths is also very helpful. Don’t disregard the moment when you notice that your body ache is due to stress and anxiety, because with time it can turn into much serious problem.

  • Lighten Your Load

Leave out all the unnecessary things in your bag and backpack. Think twice which items you really won’t be using. In case you have to carry many stuff with you, get a more friendly backpack or bag. Whenever you are carrying a bag, switch your shoulders more often, and make sure you take brakes to rest your back.

  • Wear High-Quality Shoes and Use Orthotics

Wear comfortable shoes that suit your feet perfectly. The right choice of shoes will enable proper support for your back. It will be even better if you use arch supports or other shoe inserts. The pressure you are making with your feet, goes up your legs into the base of your spine. Therefore, wearing good orthopedic shoes, will keep your spine in good condition. Immediately after taking the first step, you will notice the positive effect. You will even improve your mood. That is the reason why you have to avoid wearing flip flops, high heels, and similar shoes which don’t give your back its necessary support.

  • Wear an Abdominal Binder

Wearing an abdominal binder or a back brace can be very helpful, especially if you are about to engage yourself in some physical activity. Your back and joints will remain stable, and you will prevent potential injuries. But, don’t wear it all the time, because that can affect the strength of your muscles. It is advisable to wear it for short periods of time, when you want to build up your core muscles, or when you are about to do some physical work.

  • Pay Attention to Your Exercises

Back pain is normal after cleaning you house, workouts, or doing yoga. That soreness in your muscles is normal, but it should disappear in several hours or days. In case you notice pain, when doing some certain movements, you might need to do some changes in your exercises, making them less intense.

If you notice that your pain turns into chronic one, you should immediately consult your doctor.

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