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9 natural ways to relieve muscle pain

Muscle pain can arise due to fatigue, stress, dehydration or an injury. One of those injuries is muscle sprain, an contusion to the tissue that connects two or more bones at the joints, which is the ligament. Other issues that can be related to muscle cramping are lack of minerals like magnesium, calcium or potassium, reduced blood flow and some medications.
These are the home remedies that can be used to reduce muscle pain, but if the pain does persist, its advisable that you go to your doctor.

1. Epsom salts
Epsom salt can do wonders when one has muscle cramps or aches. It’s recommended that you use warm water and never hot water, because warm water won’t dry the skin that much. One cup of Epsom salt is added afterwards in the water, sometimes even two, depending with the severity.
The conditions are ready for you to soak in, until it has cooled. This procedure is doable three times every week. Although, it’s important to add up that this remedy is not advisable for those who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes or any heart disease.

2. Hot or cold
Having a warm shower or bath can help to relax the muscles. It’s because the heat in the water itself is a relieving factor. In other case, if a bruising or inflammation occurs, an ice pack should be applied to the troubled area for 20 minutes. It’s important to note that the ice pack shouldn’t be added directly because it will do more harm, but instead it should be wrapped in some cloth. The swelling and soreness of the injured area will surely reduce as it’s been proven times before.

3. Oral magnesium
Low levels of magnesium can lead to muscle pain and aches. One can add up with magnesium supplements but it’s better the natural way, eating food that actually contains it. Some of the foods that are rich in magnesium are: Spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, cocoa powder, Swiss chard, flax seeds, black beans, cashews and pumpkin seeds.

4. Apple cider vinegar
The apple cider vinegar is considered as a very good remedy for muscle pain. There are few ways that it can be used. A table spoon or two of apple cider vinegar can be combined in a glass of water and then drunk. Some even prefer it to drink it as a shot without mixing it with anything. It’s also used as a local remedy, rubbing it straight on the affected spot of the body.

5. Coconut oil
Coconut is highly recommended for the treatment of muscle pain and aches, as well as many other diseases. Some people tend to use 2 to 3 spoons of coconut oil when cooking, while others apply it directly on different foods.

6. Essential oils
There are a lot of varieties of essential oils that can be taken to treat your muscle pain. The blends that are highly recommended for muscle cramps include peppermint mixed with lemongrass and marjoram. The ones that are effective for muscle spasm are basil, marjoram and roman chamomile. If you suffer from muscle tension, go for blends like pepper mint, roman chamomile, marjoram, helichrysum and lavender. .

7. Regular movement
People who suffer from sore muscles because of their work or no exercise, sitting most of their time, must change their lifestyle. The muscles themselves can become awfully stiff if kept at one position for a long time and they’ll fix to one position, leading to serious issues. Tensed muscles can become a persistent problem if not dealt with, and can be pretty painful. Regular workouts, jogging and stretching are key to healthy and fit muscles, to reduce or prevent muscle tension and stiffness.

8. Massaging the area
Massaging is another way to improve the healing process, improving both the blood flow and relaxing the tissue. Massage is doable with oil additives, to maximize the effect from it.

9. Adequate Rest
Besides working out, a proper rest is also needed to maintain a healthy life. It’s very important to secure a balance between those two, in order to achieve an appropriate lifestyle. If the pain exceeds after workout, it’s recommended to rest couple of days for the body to be able to recover.

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