Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a multipurpose and fascinating perennial grass-like plant. It can be used as an ornamental plant, essential oil or tea. The benefits of lemongrass are plentiful and as its name recommends it has a citrus taste and scent, which is also sweet. It is cultured and used widely in Asian cuisine and it is native to India and Sri Lanka, as well as other parts of the Asian continent counting Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Amazing Benefits of Lemongrass

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As well as being an herb for consumption to flavor and improve the taste of food, lemongrass has conventionally been used for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Its belongings have been explored extensively and studies recommend that counting lemongrass in a balanced diet can contribute to general health and wellbeing. Here are 8 benefits of lemongrass that you will definitely want to know:

1. Lemongrass can improve your mood

Lemongrass has been discovered to have an uplifting effect and antidepressant on your mood. Its aroma either from tea or essential oil can help to release serotonin in your brain which uplifts your mood. Study on mice has exposed that Cymbopogon citrates (the botanical name for lemongrass) can be soothing and relieve anxiety.

2. Lemongrass can treat colds

As a decongestant, it can be used to clear a blocked and stuffy nose. Either as an inhalant or as a balm to be rubbed on your chest, in a tea or cooked in food, lemongrass can break down the phlegm and mucus to make your breathing easier. It also has a high level of Vitamin C, which can help to build up your immunity.

3. Lemongrass is a super cleanser!

Used internally or topically, lemongrass is an effective cleanser. It is usually found in a lot of skin and body products because its Vitamin A content can clean and refresh clean oily skin. It is as well a very effective deodorant and its lemon fragrance are purifying and refreshing. It has diuretic properties as well, so when consumed in a drink it helps to purify and cleanse the liver, bladder, kidneys and pancreas.

4. A diet that includes lemongrass regulates cholesterol and blood pressure

Lemongrass has ingredients called terpenoids, which constrain the production of mevalonic acid, a contributing trail to the production of cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol in your body stops the development of plaques in the veins and arteries leading to blockages that may become the reason of stroke or heart attack. Lemongrass likewise contains potassium, which can upsurge the efficiency of blood circulation and balance the blood pressure.

5. The brain and mind will benefit from lemongrass consumption

Lemongrass also acts as a relaxant. It has the ability to treat insomnia and can upsurge memory retention and concentration. The citronella content in lemongrass has a calming effect. It also encloses phosphorous, magnesium and folate, all of which have a calming effect on the nervous system.

6. Muscles and joints can be relieved of inflammation and pain with lemongrass

Maybe one of the less known benefits of lemongrass is that it is beneficial to treat pain and provide relief from swelling and aching of muscles and joints. Lemongrass encloses myrcene, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It can decrease the tenderness and soreness associated with conditions as rheumatism, arthritis, toothache, gout and inflammation of the urinary tract.

7. Lemongrass is antibacterial

Essential oil from Lemongrass is something that should be counted in any first aid kit or picnic basket since it works well as an antiseptic and insect repellent. It stops the development of microorganisms such as fungus, bacteria, parasites and yeast and at the same time conserves the necessary beneficial bacteria.

8. Lemongrass makes the digestive system healthy

Lemongrass assists in digestion and also constipation as being able to treat urinary problems. It soothes and cleanses the bowel and urinary tract and encourages general well-being in the digestive system. Dr. Claude Butler states;

“Lemongrass normalizes intestinal function and motility, by extinguishing parasites and bad bacteria, repopulating the good bacteria in your colon… (It is) effective in curing constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, flatulence, stomach spasms, intestinal bloating, vomiting, and cramps.”

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