Autistic Boy Gains Ability To Speak After Only 2 Days Of Cannabis Oil Treatment

Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico was given a diagnosis with a rare cancer form, known as neuroblastoma. He was only ten months old then. This kid underwent many cancer treatments. He went through radiation, chemotherapy, and one surgery, but he managed to beat this terrible disease. These treatments lasted for two years.

Then, something even worse happened. He was then diagnosed with a severe form of autism, which damaged its speaking ability.

His father, Abiel Gomez Santiago, said Yahoo News that while his child was in the hospital, they had noticed unusual behavior. He explains that they never saw him clapping with his hands or walking on his toes. Kalel wasn’t able to speak at all. Abiel told that they waited to turn 3 years and to treat his cancer.

Then, the family of Kalel, decided to try some treatment with CBD oil. They believed that this could be an effective remedy for their child’s condition. They planned to get a small bottle of the oil and a fundraising program provided it for them. Kalel started taking oral doses twice in a day.

Believe it or not, the boy recovered his ability to speak in only two days.

Abiel recalls those happy moments when he pronounced the five vowels, loudly and clearly. It was actually the first time. This incredible event happened in his school and his teacher had recorded him. The teacher had sent the recording to Mr. Abiel’s wife and they concluded that the only thing they should be thankful for is using this oil with unbelievable effects.

Soon after that, he was pronouncing consonants too. His father shared the happiest moment in their lives in public, when Kalel pronounced the following sentence: ‘Amo mi mama,’ ‘I love my mom.’ He is more than grateful to the CBD makers and he adds that if his child hadn’t been using the CBD, they wouldn’t have accomplished their biggest wish.

This case is not the only one. There are many other people who support the positive influence of cannabis oil in the treatment of different health problems. As the number of such stories rises, the legalization of marijuana and the cannabis oil can do wonders in modern medicine.

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