Avoid it! Probably the biggest breakfast mistake we’re all making

Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day, we all know it, most of us live by it, some prefer just coffee and few even dare to pass it, but we’re all aware that if you don’t eat something, you will have a troublesome moaning time with your stomach. You won’t be able to function properly and therefor, it’s highly recommended that you don’t miss it. But not all breakfast types are similar, nor were they meant to be created equal. Even if you think that you’re eating something healthy by first look in the early morning – a granolar bar, avocado toast or even a piece of fruit – it’s certainly not enough to give you the required boost to face the day.

No matter what meal of the day it is, your plate should always consist of half vegetables and fruits, a quarter whole grain and quarter protein. The protein part is what you’ve really have to pay attention to and probably the one you’re most likely forgetting. Proteins are one of the most vital nutrients for the human body and a daily bit dose of protein can go a long way in improving varying aspects of your overall health. Research has shown that consuming protein-rich breakfast has a larger decrease in hunger-stimulating hormones compared to a high carbohydrate breakfast.

It’s essential to understand the two factors that define how hungry you feel: One is how much you eat and the other one is what you eat, both equally important. If you don’t consume proteins while breakfast, you’ll be going into lunch feeling starving and ravenous. When you’re ravenous, you tend to make poor choices. Take for example, if you just eat carbohydrates at breakfast, your metabolism will be feeling hectic for the whole day, not being able to provide the right amount of energy required for your body. Therefore, the protein is there to provide the fuel needed and will help keep your appetite in check.

Skipping protein at breakfast can affect you and there is another reason to prove it: Considering the fact that your body can only deploy 30 grams of a protein at a time, if you don’t consume the right amount of this nutrient in the morning, it can be hard to reach the required daily intake, that depends on your weight and activity level, unless you force it in one meal and that is never the right nor healthy option. Just to be clear, you don’t need to have a hearty breakfast of eggs and steak to consume enough protein.  It could be cheese and eggs with some fruit; they would do the job brilliantly.

Just keep in mind that your best call is to aim to take all your protein needs from your food, not a powder. Most obvious choices are turkey, eggs, milk, beef, chicken, yogurt and so on. You can also consider plant-based type, such as beans, nuts and seeds.

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