Avoid them! Daily Habits that can lead to Calcium loss

The bones are formidably at risk when it comes to today’s society and way of living, as osteoporosis has become a huge issue that affects thousands of people every year, a disease that weakens the bones and causes problems on the overall health. Our bones are the main platform that supports the muscles and our body, and without healthy bones, we put ourselves at risk of breakages, fractures and severe pain that would affect our everyday lives.

As we grow older, we naturally lose more and more on bone mass. That’s one of the reasons why it’s recommended for everyone, especially people in their 40ties and above, to practice resistance ad strength trainings. No wonder why exercises like yoga and hiking are highly recommended, as a way to achieve stronger body, and with it, strengthen the muscles and indirectly prevent bone breakdown and fractures. You need to work on your muscles in order to achieve a stable overall bone structure.

Still, no level of regular exercises can overcome the consequences of a poor diet or usual daily habits that can lead to intensive bone loss. Even though not exercising is one of the worst lifestyles for our body, there are other habits that can also harm us. These things directly leach calcium from our body, the very crucial ingredient that keeps our bones healthy. When we were young, we’ve been all fooled into identifying calcium needs with milk. Strong bones and milk are the first things to pop on your mind whenever you hear the word calcium, which is normal, due to the years of marketing strategies implemented by the world industry, who paid millions for milk to be advertised as primary product to drink for strong bones, but not because it’s the best and only source of calcium. (The food pyramid was actually created with the same reason.) The thing that’s been missing from the nutritional organizations and school, is in fact how to prevent calcium loss, as a begin tooltip. If more of the people lives life that’s focused on calcium preservation in their bodies, the problem of not getting enough calcium wouldn’t even exist.

So here are some of our lifestyle habits that have their impact on the level of calcium in the bones and what can we do to keep our bones healthy, without the need to drink three glasses of milk per day.
1. Drinking Soda
All types of soda, believe it or not, are linked to calcium loss. It contains high levels of phosphoric acid that drains calcium out of the bones, as well as having a bad impact on kidneys. Soda also contains chemicals that cause mineral loss, depleting the body of real nutrition and causing even more problems. It’s even worse if the soda has caffeine in it: caffeine causes excess water depletion in the body which can even fasten the calcium loss via urine.

2. Overuse of Caffeine and Salt
The caffeine causes more urine to leave our body since it’s a natural deuretic. But it’s not just water that goes out, but also much valued minerals, including calcium. A cup of coffee a day probably won’t hurt you, but a pot a day surely will. For every 100 milligrams of caffeine you consume, you lose 6 milligrams of calcium. When taken into consideration, one cup of coffee has around 160 milligrams of caffeine, while some energy drinks have double of that amount. When it comes to over salting things, it’s a huge no if you want to maintain a solid level of calcium in your body. Salt is a necessary mineral for better health just like calcium, that consists of sodium, but, table salt is definitely not the best choice to consume sodium from. Processed salt is heavily refined and it drains the calcium from our bones, unlike true sodium that’s found in unrefined sea salts and plant-based food. Some of the best sources of natural sodium are: Spinach, fortified almond, hummus, celery, cocoa and also lot other fruits and vegetables.
So instead of going for the salt cup to flavor your favorite food, go for salt-free spices and herbs that have more natural flavor and bring more health benefits. If you really want to make a change, avoid as many processed foods filled with refined salt as possible, such as chips, cereals and other type of packaged snacks with over 300 milligrams.

3. Low intake of proteins
Proteins are essential nutrients for the body, and since bones are made up of at least 50% protein, even though we don’t need large amounts, we need to get enough protein for our bones to stay healthy. Another important fact is that the proteins preserve calcium in our body where it’s actually stored. It’s easy to take enough protein even without meat or eggs. There are other sources that contribute enough protein for our needs: chia seeds, legumes, broccoli, beans, greens, hemp seeds, teff, amaranth, almonds, pumkin seeds, oats, quinoa, walnuts, hazelnuts and lot other nuts and seeds as most valued protein.
An efficient and fast way to get enough protein is to include different varieties of these foods at each of your meals (grain, seeds, nuts, greens, beans). Besides, most of them can offer calcium as well. Approximately, you need ½ the amount of protein in grams per day as you weight in pounds.

4. Smoking habit
Smoking is perhaps one of the biggest problems, when it comes to calcium loss, not to mention heart diseases, cancer, hormone problems, aging, and has been linked to lot other serious life-threating and health problems like poor recovery after workout and low energy. So if you’re a smoker, think again, is it worth it?

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