Breaking: a 50-year-old man cured lung cancer with cannabis oil

There are many people who believe that there is nothing that can cure cancer. They do not believe that the modern medicine nor the nature can heal it.

Both of those assumptions are false, because there is one person that found a way to heal his lung cancer.

Is this the cure that millions of people have been waiting for?

Darren Miller (50), a patient suffering from lung cancer, believes that the thing that saved his life was chemo and cannabis oil. Now he wants to help other people too.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer, and the doctors told him that he only had around 12 months of life left. To prolong his life, they suggested chemotherapy.

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It is a well-known fact that the survival rate of this particular type of cancer is really worrying. The chances of recovery are less than 50%. As the disease keeps progressing, the chances are getting smaller and smaller. Stage IV patient has about 1% chance of recovery, which essentially makes his chances non-existent.

Darren was aware of his chances of survival, so he made a decision to add cannabis oil to the chemo treatment. He did this with a simple goal in mind, to prolong his life, but to also save himself.

After an extensive research and after reading stories about other patients, he decided to give cannabis oil a shot. He and his wife had to move to California, in order to supplement his controversial treatment legally.

Is this treatment successful?

After around 7 months, Darren possesses hospital documents that prove that he no longer has cancer.

He gives credit to both cannabis oil and chemotherapy, because those treatments essentially saved his life. After he cured the terrible disease, Darren and his wife moved back to Illinois, where he now runs a program to help other people that are struggling and suffering from this disease.

He says that his program is a small thing that emphasizes on educating other people how to do what he did.

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