Breast cancer projected to rise 56% over the next 15 years, according to cancer industry!

The National Cancer Institute revealed a rather alarming prediction during a recent meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

They predicted, according to the available statistics and data about cancer, that in the next 15 years breast cancer rates are poised to increase by 56%.

Philip S. Rosenberg, says that these spikes and increases in breast cancer cases, will be a huge challenge to medical experts. He also said various different subtypes of breast cancer are moving on different trajectories and directions. His statement suggests that there are going to be fewer cases of certain subtypes of cancer, which gives us some sense of optimism, despite of the terrible news.

For the prediction, we can say that is anything but optimistic. Researchers and scientists also expect that the age of the women that are facing this terrible disease, will shift by the year 2030. They expect that the new cases in women age of 70 to 84 to increase from 24 to 35%.

How to fight breast cancer?

People should understand that there are natural alternatives for the expensive drugs and treatments that the modern medicine is placing to its patients. These alternatives will heal and provide your body with healing nutrients.

A diet that excludes heavily processed, genetically modified and sugary foods, is the best for the overall health of the body. The ideal thing to do here, is to turn to a diet that focuses primarily on vegetables and organic fruits.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, is a breast cancer survivor. The doctors told her that she has around six months left to live. That is when she decided that she would skip traditional medical treatments and instead, she chose a raw foods diet. Her diet included juicing green apples, broccoli, beet roots and Brussels sprouts. She also exercised a lot, so the body can get enough oxygen to fight off the cancerous cells. Her method worked, and she didn’t stop exercising and eating healthy foods.

You can learn more about Janette in the video below:

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