Be Careful: These 10 Foods Are Made In China Contain Plastic, Pesticides, and Cancer-Causing Chemicals

China imports a variety of products in the United States. Plus, the Chinese restaurants are widely spread throughout the whole world. But, there are have been many rumors on the low quality of their products.

You know how they say, better safe than sorry, so read carefully about the following 10 foods produced in China. You must definitely avoid them.

Imitation eggs

These eggs contain exceptionally harmful chemicals and even the shell is made of calcium carbonate. If they are often found on your food list, exclude them immediately. If they are consumed regularly, the risk of memory loss and even dementia is very high.

Baby formula

The CBS News, in 2005, informed that 47 people were accused of producing this instant formula that caused the death of many children in Fuyang, China. The formula had a substance which caused the disease known as ‘’big head disease.’’ The disease was characterized by swelling of the head and weakening of the body functions.

Tilapia fish

This fish is one of the most favorite foods in China. But, did you know that the fish are farmed in a small pool of waste? What is even worse, Chinese farmers don’t let their children to eat this fish, because it is unhealthy. Do you see the irony? Most of the fish in the United States or to be more precise 80% of the fish, is with Chinese origin.

Chinese apple juice

Half of the apple juice in the U.S. comes from China. You probably didn’t know that China takes the leading position when it comes to producing pesticide. Moreover, they haven’t even started labeling pesticide or chemical residue on foods yet.

Black pepper

A Chinese seller collected mud and sold it as black pepper! Can you imagine that? On top of it, Chinese white pepper is usually made from flour.


Many American food experts suspect the quality and safety of the Chinese imported meat chicken, because in this country, avian influenza and food-borne diseases are widely spread. And as you probably know, it is one of the countries with the worst air population.

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1 Comment

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    December 19, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    And the FDA says keep it coming….useless department.

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