Detoxing – the real truth behind it

Let’s get straight to the truth and nothing but the truth. Be ready for some myth busting.

You’ve probably heard about the process of detoxing, whether it’s some kind of a delicate juice cleanse, a tea regime or perhaps a restrictive diet. Detoxes are somewhat popular in the today’s world. Some say that detox can help you get rid of toxins and return to normal state asap, while others tend to disagree and say that it’s one of the bad choices that you can do for your body.  So what’s the actual truth? Does it really help you clean your body that fast or it does the contrary?

Sorry to disappoint you but…

The idea itself of being able to follow a specific eating or drinking schedule for a day or even a week and to get rid of the unnecessary toxins in your metabolism, while restarting a better-healthier, new you, may sound irresistible. But research shows that it’s all completely wrong and untrue. Yes, toxins are real, but you don’t get toxins only from what you eat, but from variety of sources: pollution, chemicals from your beauty and cleaning products, pesticides and additives as well. The thing is, your body is a natural detoxing system and way better at detoxing than any tea or juice will ever be.

The way our bodies are designed, they’re effectively able to filter toxins out. We don’t need to do anything to start the detoxify process, because our bodies are continuously doing it for us. The credit goes to the gastrointestinal tract and the GI-related organs like the liver and pancreas. Everything we eat, drink, and even what we inhale, go through our metabolism cleanse system, which disposes of the unnecessary waste.

Then what’s the healthy way to do a proper diet in the long term?

All things considered, there is still a way to help your body amplify its detoxifying powers, but nothing like the self-proclaimed detoxing miracle schemes. Keep an eye on the chemicals of the cleaning products you’re using, as well as the personal care products. Try to keep it more organic when it comes to food, and you will notice the difference. All of this might trigger the cash alarm, since it’s a more expensive approach than before, but as the natural healthy ways become more widespread, there are somewhat less expensive options out there that are good choices, and it’s worth the money. Make certain that you keep yourself extra-hydrated (go for green tea or lemon water if the classic water is too plain for you) all the time.

Also, focus more on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, you can never have enough of them. They’re full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, to make sure that your body has all it needs to function properly and have a more healthy life. The crucial point here is to maintain yourself a healthy way of living, so you don’t feel like the need to lose weight or get rid of toxins.  Score for your body, be fit, be healthy.

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