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Drink This Before Bedtime and Wake Up Every Morning With Less Weight (Recipe)

Are you curious to find out what kind of recipe will help you to get rid of excess of pounds in no time? The secret is in the combination of honey and cinnamon.

They are one of the most common ingredients in the kitchen for preparing different desserts, but they also have medicinal properties. Honey is widely known for its positive effects on health but did you know that cinnamon is just as healthy as the honey? It is good for your skin, brings down the bad cholesterol, improves blood circulation, protects your heart, treats stomach problems and most importantly, it will burn fat deposit in your body.

It is recommended to add a quarter of teaspoon cinnamon to every meal and substitute sugar with cinnamon.

Start drinking this drink this night before you go to sleep. You probably have the ingredients in your kitchen. The next morning you are going to love your body.

Here’s the recipe:

Make a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder . Consume it every night before bedtime. By drinking this mixture regularly, you will successfully reduce weight. Plus, your body will be perfectly detoxified from the accumulated toxins and excess of liquids. It is even effective with people who have serious problems with excess of weight.

Method of preparation and extra details:

Start by boiling 200 ml of water. Then add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and leave it to stay for half an hour. Once the water with cinnamon cools down, add 1 teaspoon honey and store it in the fridge. Consume one cup before you go to sleep.

Don’t add any other ingredients to this remedy and don’t drink it during the day. It is effective if you only take it before you go to sleep, since it acts during the night.

Honey and cinnamon cleanse your digestive tract and eliminate parasites, fungi, and other harmful bacteria.

Thank you for reading.

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