She Was Drinking Carrot Juice Every Morning For 8 Months, and Then the Unthinkable Happened

A woman, named Anna Cameron decided to share her amazing story with us. Anna was diagnosed with cancer. After that, she underwent a surgery when the cancer was already in third stage. She had a great knowledge of diseases, because her husband fought with lung cancer too. Unfortunately, he died after several unsuccessful chemotherapy treatments.

Six months after the surgery, Ann was told that the cancer has progressed to fourth stage and it was spreading on her lungs.

This was the crucial moment when Ann decided to look for another solution.

While she was searching the Internet, she found an unbelievable story. The story was about one man, Ralph Cole, who managed to beat his skin cancer only with carrot juice. His juice was prepared of 2.5 kg of carrots. He drank it every day.
Ann started to drink carrot juice regularly. From the whole juice of 2.5 kg she was drinking evenly doses throughout the entire day. After two months, the most amazing thing happened. She found out that the cancer has stop spreading. The swelling of the lymph glands were reduced and the tumors in the lungs were getting smaller. She continued with drinking this juice for another two months and the colon cancer was completely gone. Ann’s glands were normal again and the size of the tumors was continually getting smaller and smaller.

Eight months after she started this natural carrot juice therapy, the computer tomography did not show any signs of cancer in Ann’s body.

Carrots are a rich source of carotene and they contain high content of fatty alcohol. The carotene is proven to prevent creations of tumors. To conclude, we can definitely be sure of the anticancer properties and qualities of carrots.

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