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Exercises To Help You Lose Back Fat

Many people struggle with fighting excess of fat in the low back. Of course that you cannot lower fat from a particular part of the body and not many exercises can help you to solve this problem. However, they will burn fat and tighten and tone the back muscles. That is why you need to implement so called targeted exercises. With the following targeted exercises you will improve your waist appearance and also they can help you to reduce back pain.

Back extension:

  • Lie on the floor facing down with both hands placed at your side.
  • Finnish with raising your head and upper back from the floor until you feel a comfortable arch in your back. Stay in this position for 3-7 seconds and lower your head and upper body back to the ground.

Straight Arms & Legs Lift:

  • Begin with lying on a mat face down and stretch both hands in a V shape over your head. Now, stretch your legs on the floor in a slight V shape too.
  • Finnish with lifting your head, both arms and both legs little by little off the floor until you reach balance on your midsection. Stay in this position for a few seconds and lower yourself back to the mat.

Diagonal arm & Leg Lift:

  • Begin as in the previous exercise. Then lift your right arm and right leg slightly off the ground.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and lower yourself back to the mat. When you finish, switch sides.

Stability Ball Back Extension:

  • You should start this exercise by lying curled face down on a stability ball keeping your feet on the ground and allow your pelvis and lower abdomen touch the ball. Put both hands at the back of your head.
  • Finnish this activity with raising your upper body without shifting your feet until your back is completely in straight position. Don’t arch your back further than a straight posture. Lower yourself back to the initial position.

If you feel back pain while doing these exercises stop immediately. Bear in mind that these exercises are only an addition to accompany your exercise program. To accomplish your goal of reducing lower back fat, include them in your other workouts for losing overall body fat. Remember that these exercises will not be of great help if you are not keeping a healthy lifestyle.

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