Five Easy Swaps you need to make for a Healthier Life

According to a study, 45% of your entire behavior comes from your own habits. If you want to make a better change, it’s pretty easy to add up healthier alternatives on to your own diet. Do this couple of swaps and before you realize it, you’ve already done lot more for yourself along the road to a healthier life.

Say no to Processed Sugar

Get rid of processed sugar and introduce coconut sugar to your life. The organic coconut sugar is rich with minerals and vitamins. It’s obtained from the coconut palm tree itself and is considered as being more nutritious and plus, it has a lower glycemic index than the processed sugar, the silent killer of 21st century. You may also go for rice malt syrup, a more adaptable and healthier sugar substitute made from 100% organic brown rice and it’s a great choice if you’re after an entirely fructose-free option.

Try different…. Rice?

Swap out the white rice with brown rice. For those who’re unfamiliar with it, it’s not another type of rice; it’s the same as white rice, just without all the good stuff that are removed in the processing. Brown rice is type of nutritious grain that brings the much needed selenium, protein and fiber with it. It retains the minerals and B vitamins which are lost during the husk removing process and also has a lower GI than white rice.  It can help you balance your diet and weight management, as it improves food digestion for a healthier metabolism.

Put sweet drinks aside, instead make your own

You might assume that apple or orange juice is a healthy drink, but most of these juices contain a lot of sugar. Just because it’s “juice”, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you. Make sure to always read the label with all the ingredients and nutrition facts first. There are a lot of other healthier options. You can easily make your own drinks, try mixing different flavors and find your perfect match, plus it’s more natural and healthy, sugar free.

Stop using coughs medicine, go for Honey

Honey is a powerful anti-microbial with antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, that has been long used as a natural cure for sore throats and coughs. A natural source of carbs that provides energy and strength to our bodies, as well as improving the digestive system and help you stay healthy and fight diseases. Researches show that honey outperforms cough medicine in every way:  It reduces the number of colds, the severity of the coughs and also, improving the sleep of both kids and parents. The most effective kinds are the darker varieties of raw honey. Overall, three to five spoons of honey per day is enough.

Try this pasta delicates

Swap the ordinary spaghetti with zucchini noodles, a healthier and grain-free substitute. These noodles are very easy to make and taste majestic. Use a vegetable peeler and you’ll have your spaghetti noodles ready in no time. You can enjoy them either raw or slightly cooked. What’s better than a fresh pasta replacement that offers you a huge boost of vitamins C and A, and also is a great source of potassium.

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