Four Thing You Need To Know About Broths and Soups

Soups and broths are an important part of every meal. Similar like the salad, a bowl of soup a day can have a positive impact on your health, because through the vegetables you are entering many nutrients. If you are avoiding soups and broths, here are a few reasons that will undoubtedly change your opinion and convince you to include them in your everyday life.


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1. Soups can help you lose weight

The soup contains fibers that will saturate your body and prevent attacks of hunger. In fact, these fibers are low-calorie nutrients that will help you lose up to 50 percent of fat.

2. First step towards perfect body

According to research at the University of Pennsylvania, eating low-calorie soup before the main course will contribute to enter 20 percent less calories in your body. It happens because the soup makes you feel full, so therefore you will eat less.

3. They can prevent colds

When you are sick, just prepare yourself a bowl of soup. A study conducted at the Medical Center of Nebraska found that chicken soup suppresses inflammatory processes that cause colds. The hot fluid relieves the symptoms of clogged sinuses and chest pain.

4. They can relieve stress

According to studies, eating one serving of vegetable soup a day over two weeks, it will reduce the level of uric acid that causes stress for 18 percent. Of course, finding inner peace is sufficient motivation to eat soup or stew, but reducing the level of stress that will help you lose weight 5 kg during 6 months is just one more reason to start to eating soups and broths.

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