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Garlic In Milk – Cures Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Cardiac Problems, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cough and Many Other Diseases!

At first, the combination of garlic and milk might sound strange to you, but once you hear all its health benefits, you would definitely want to try it.

The drink prepared of garlic and milk contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it will improve your health state in general.

For this natural remedy you will need:

  • 10 garlic cloves (minced)
  • 500 ml milk
  • 2-3 teaspoons sugar
  • 250 ml water

Start with pouring the milk and water in a pot. Then, add the minced garlic. Next, put the mixture over medium heat. Heat until the mixture boils. Stir and strain. And finally, add the sugar.

It is recommended to drink the garlic milk until it is still warm.

Health benefits of consuming this drink:

Treats cough
For even better effects, you can also add turmeric to this drink. Garlic has potent anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it will effectively destroy bacteria. This remedy will help with chronic cough.

Brings down the bad cholesterol
If you consume this drink every day for a week, your will keep your cholesterol levels under control.

Helps with arthritis
If you are diagnosed with arthritis, consume garlic milk regularly and your arthritis pains and inflammation will be reduced.

Treats asthma
Consume 3 garlic cloves before bedtime and your condition will be significantly improved.

It helps with cardiovascular problems
As it was mentioned previously, the garlic milk lowers the bad cholesterol and prevents the formation of clots. For better effects, you should consume low fat or skimmed milk.

Fights pneumonia
The ideal natural solution for treating pneumonia is consuming garlic milk three times a day.

Helps with sleeping disorders
This drink will help you relax and the quality of your sleep will be significantly improved.

Improves digestion
Garlic is a powerful antiseptic and it protects your immune system. Additionally, it improves the function of the digestive tract and detoxifies the body. Garlic also promotes the production of digestion juices. It is very useful when it comes to treating diarrhea.

Treats tuberculosis
For this particular disease, make a mixture of 1 garlic, 240 ml milk and 1 l of water. Next, boil the mixture until you get ¼ of the initial amount. The recommended dosage is drinking this liquid three times in a day.

Fights jaundice
Garlic has the ability of eliminating the accumulated toxins from your body. The presence of sulfur in garlic, makes this veggie an excellent food for the liver. Garlic also contains allicin and selenium, which promote the production of bile. In order to treat jaundice, drink this mixture for a week.

Soothe sciatica
This milk effectively treats sciatica, better known as nerve pain. Try consuming it regularly and you will notice the positive effects in a short period of time.

Treats impotence
The garlic milk is very useful when it comes to treating impotence. The most effective natural treatment for treating both male and female fertility problems is definitely garlic. It is also advisable to consume several boiled garlic chunks.

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