This Harvard Professor Wants To Legalize All Drugs. The Reason Why? Astounding…

The economist Jeffrey Miron, claims that all drugs, including cocaine, meth and heroin should be legalized. He believes that in this way, peoples’ sense of well-being will increase. What do you think? Let’s see whether his statement is valid.

We don’t consider the legalized substances such as coffee, beer, and pharmaceutical medications as drugs, but they definitely are. Their prohibition looks like one reasonable way to discourage people from consuming substances which may harm their health. But it turns out that in fact, it  encourages people to source their drugs from questionable sources.

TheWeek emphasizes the fact that the principal consequence of prohibition is causing the drug trafficking to move underground. Crime and corruption have contributed to the unregulated market as well. Hence, a buyer can literally get anything, especially products with poor quality. This is due to the lack of control.

This is one of the reasons why the economist Jeffrey Miron exposed his theory that all drugs should be legalized. He supports his claim by saying that drugs are part of society. For that reason, he insists that they need to be regulated in order to help an addicted population source substances to know which are safer.

In case the addicts are observed, they might also receive professional help in order to get clean. His second argument is that in moderate doses, drugs can actually increase the person’s learning ability, cognitive skills, and sense of well-being.

At first, it sounds like a controversial theme, but is definitely worth talking about.

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  1. We already have proof that this won’t be the case. Oxycotin is a legal drug that people with addictions are committing crimes to get them. Additionally, legalized drugs in Sweden have added nothing positive to their society. Further, both drug companies and drug lords would lose too much money; they will do everything in their power to ensure it doesn’t happen.

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