Healthy Secrets! Improve your brain function and also get rid of coffee!

Enhancing the brain function in something people have been looking for centuries. People tend to use lot of old and new methods to improve their brain function, but the one that’s most common has always been the coffee.

Even though coffee help us stay awake and focused, it can also cause teeth staining and make you bit jittery. If we’re being honest, coffee also leads to bad breath and tachycardia, if drank a lot. There are lots of people who don’t drink it because of health reasons. Drinking coffee during the whole day isn’t a good habit and you should definitely avoid it, due to its side effects. As a replacement to coffee, these are the two simple ways to alter your brain activity and improve it and both of them are key to a healthier and better lifestyle.

1. Alter Your Diet
With a good diet, not only that you can avoid coffee, but you will gain the same positive effects and plus, lose weight easily. With a soft combined mix of beneficial foods, you can improve your brain power without having to drink coffee ever again.

Walnuts drastically improve the blood flow due to a mix of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant substances, and with it, increase the amount of oxygen that goes to your brain. It’s been proven that it improves brain function and memory, helping people to achieve their daily tasks.

Strawberries have proven to increase mental awareness and also slow the effect of some brain conditions. They contain nutrients key to improving brain function.

​Dark Chocolate
This is dark chocolate that we’re talking about, t not the milk one. If you feel the need of caffeine intake to get energized, you can turn to dark chocolate instead of coffee. Actually, dark chocolate is lot better caffeine source because it contains a mix of anti-oxidants that have proven to increase brain function.

Water is definitely something you shouldn’t forget when dealing with everyday life. A dehydrated brain is proven to physically shrink, leading to impeded memory and disorientation. So make sure to stay hydrated and your brain will be able to perform better.

2. Preserve a healthy lifestyle
People often forget how your way of living affects your health. So instead of taking your regular coffee, with the right amount of rest and daily exercise, you’ll be feeling even more proactive and energized. Working out at least half an hour per day can be very effective on the long run. When it comes to quality sleep time, we often tend to force our self and sleep less, but that’s the worse you can do for your brain. Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day is a must if you want to function properly and also, to improve your overall health condition. You will be less fatigued and stressed; your body needs it more then you.

Focus on tweaking your diet, workouts and sleeping habits, and you will feel the difference.

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