A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You, and Here’s How

Whenever you have a certain health problem, your body is sending you signals that something is wrong . For instance, chest pain is always associated with a heart attack.

But, many people who have suffered a heart attack, didn’t feel chest pain at all. Some symptoms of a heart attack are not always noticeable and it takes time until you experience serious ones, while other heart attacks can happen very fast. There are cases when people don’t go to the hospital and disregard other less-known symptoms. Therefore, an early diagnosis is sometimes impossible. As you can see, it is beyond important to receive medical help on time, before it is too late.

Your body is giving you warning signs that something is not right and what is going to happen in future. You have probably never thought that your hair is one of the indicators that a heart attack is coming. How is that possible? If the hair contains a high level of the hormone cortisol, a heart attack might be threatening you. You can examine the levels of cotisol in blood, saliva and urine. As it grows 5-6 inch strand, then we are talking about a longer period of excessive stress levels.

There was an examination on 56 people who had a heart attack. It was made a comparison between their hair and others that didn’t have a heart attack.

Chauncey Qrendi, an experienced cardiologist, says that there are 4 main symptoms of a heart attack. The first one is uncomfortable chest pain, but not always results in a heart attack. The second sign is excessive sweating, nausea and feeling sick all the time. The third sign is breathing difficulties such as shortness of breath and the last one is upset stomach.

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