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How to exploit Green Tea for a Healthier Life

Green tea has become the main topic over the years for its huge effect it has on weight loss, because of the polyphenol it contains, called EGCG. Furthermore, it’s a great choice for reducing your daily caffeine usage since it contains much lower doses than the coffee, black tea or other energy drinks, which are filled up with high levels of caffeine that can lead to caffeine addiction or even worse, adrenal fatigue. But this humble tea can offer a lot more benefits than most of us can even realize. Besides the weight loss and caffeine, there are lot other benefits that come out of using green tea for a specific purpose.

So let’s have a look at these four simple ways you can exploit green tea for a healthier life and let us know if you have your own way of using it that we didn’t mention here.

1. Deal with your Cold or Flu with ease
Did you know that by drinking three cups of green tea daily when you’re feeling sick can help you drastically during a cold? Even though it’s not an instant-cure, drinking several cups a day of green tea strengthens up your immune system with immune-boosting specs along with antioxidants that it requires to fight with infections. It also contains chlorophyll and a lot of other trace minerals that aid in the natural cleansing of your body. Green tea can be mixed with some lemon, ginger root, cayenne, and perhaps little stevia to prepare a hot drink that is comforting for the throat and fights with infections. Along with the Vitamin C, your cold or even flu symptoms will be long gone and you will be feeling better a lot sooner.

2. Relaxing the mind
Nowadays, anxiety is regarded as one of the most common types of stress people are facing in today’s world. As much as stressful life can be, nature is full of healthy mixtures that can soften our mood, to at least some level. This is possible because of the specific amino acids comprised in plant foods like the green tea. For instance, green tea consists of the amino acid L-theanine, which is considered to be highly effective on dealing with stress and over headed level of cortisol. The Matcha tea is meant to be a more efficient option, consisting of 40 times more L-theanine than heated green tea and having a cup of Matcha tea early every day will bring you a calmer mind.

3. Reduce your Joint Pain
The Green tea is an absolute remedy for fighting inflammation and joint paint. If you’re a sportsman that suffers from sore muscles more often or you persistently have joint pain, try to combine your post workout smoothie with few green tea leaves, or prepare the green tea in the fridge and drink it either with a lot of ice or add it in your smoothie instead of water. As it also boosts your immune system, the green tea is there to add up.

4. Another way with Upset Digestion
Chamomile, peppermint, and even ginger tea, they’re all quite effective when it comes to a turbulent stomach, but most people don’t know that green tea is also a good choice for this type of thing. One of the reasons is because of the way it reduces stress. Excess stress hormones affect your whole nervous system, which is substantially oriented in your digestive tract. Stress impacts on the way we eat and how much we eat. We often lose control when eating while being stressed, which affects the digestive system even further. Therefore, regulating stress is incredibly important for a calmer digestive system, that the green tea brings, which also gives alkalizing benefits that can affect an acidic stomach to help in the digestion further.

What’s the best choice?
So what’s the best type of green tea you should buy? There are a lot of varieties of green teas on the market, so you might be asking yourself which one to get. You’d definitely want to go for the one that’s organic since the tea leaves are often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides, as well as avoiding the ones who are combined with sweeteners like some of the pre-made green tea drinks are. Get the simple green tea bags, or perhaps you can try the Matcha tea (green tea which is unheated), that is usually sold in tins that you can either brew or use in lot of fun drink recipes or even smoothies.

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