What Kind Of Woman You Are Depends On the Month You Were Born In

Women born in the first month of the year, are exceptionally ambitious and determined. They are also very serious and old-fashioned.

Ladies representatives of this month, often criticize themselves and other people, but rarely open up and talk about their feelings. They choose their friends carefully and show confidence only to their closest ones. They want to be surrounded with people on the same intellectual level with them. It is very important for them to mingle with people who are similar to them and share the same interests.


Women born in the shortest month of the year, are described as very romantic, dreamy and passionate and you have to be very patient with them. Their biggest shortcoming is that they are moody, so there are a few people who can truly understand them. They are avant-garde, with an abstract way of perceiving things. These women will never forgive you if you betray them.


These women are very charming with powerful charisma. You can always rely on them, because they are very loyal and trustworthy. They dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to everything they do. They don’t fall in love easily. They are adorable and easy-going, but be careful not to upset or provoke them. Living with a person born in the month of spring is a delight.


The word which perfectly describes these women is diplomats. They have highly developed interpersonal skills and enjoy communicating with other people. The majority of them can be very jealous, and you will often see them react impulsive. But, one thing is for sure that the April lady will make you the happiest man in the world. They are faithful, honest and ready to do everything for the people they love. These women are very careful not to lose the good opinion that other people have about them.


Their strongest characteristic is being persistent. They are very good-looking and very easily attract men’s attention. If you combine their attractive appearance with their difficult character, they can be dangerous to any man who falls in love with them. Once you meet them, you will certainly never forget them.


These girls are very curious, always willing to find something new. They are also talkative, outgoing and exceptionally creative. But, they often don’t think twice before they say something. They prefer telling the truth in the person’s face, rather than gossiping behind their back. When it comes to love, they are described as manipulative and calculative, so men often become a toy in their hands.


Ladies born in this month, are gorgeous and very mysterious. They are also highly intelligent and avoid conflicts with other people. Their most valuable characteristic is that they are very polite, respectful and kind to other people. You should never betray their trust, because you are risking losing them.


Believe it or not, these women are a strange combination of egocentric attitude and a big heart. They were born to be leaders and winners, so you better avoid confrontation with them. They are very witty, with an extraordinary sense of humor. They hate being mocked. These women are often attention-seekers, and men are easily attracted to them. There’s something about these women that force men to lose their heads in their company.


These ladies are kind, disciplined, and responsible. They are very sensitive, so be careful not to hurt their feelings. They will never forgive you betrayal, therefore they can be revengeful. These women are looking for long, deep and meaningful relationships. They expect a lot from her partner and often criticize his behavior.


These ladies have a very strong personality. They are very emotional, but they don’t want to show their true feelings in front of other people. They are very smart and very careful because they are well aware of the fact that the majority of people tend to abuse other people’s trust.


These ladies are very intuitive and always one step ahead of the others. You don’t dare to lie to them, because they will immediately know that. They will never permit someone playing with them.


Their primary characteristic is impatience, but surprisingly enough, they are always able to find a reasonable solution to every problem. They are cheerful and have the ability to improve other people’s mood. They have a big heart, so people tend to hurt them and took advantage of their kindness.


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