Do You Know What Happens To Your Body With Eating Just One Pomegranate?

If you thought that you will protect your cardiovascular health by taking medications, you are wrong. Nature is offering us many natural cures and we should use all their benefits. The only thing that your cardiovascular health needs is hidden in your kitchen or garden.

Keeping our heart healthy is beyond important and there is one fruit that takes special care of it. We are talking about pomegranate. This exotic fruit has sweet taste and red color. Many studies serve as a proof that this fruit can prevent coronary artery disease. It prevents the clogging of arteries, which ends up in accumulation of fat and it one of the main reasons of developing atherosclerosis.

Many scientists confirmed that pomegranate extracts can reduce the oxidative stress levels, bring down the lipid built up in the heart, lower the infiltration of macrophages in the heart muscle. This miraculous fruit can also prevent inflammatory illnesses.

A study from 2004, revealed that pomegranate extract can prevent thickening of the coronary arteries. The study included a 3-year research conducted in Israel which presented unbelievable results. The scientists concluded that only a glass of pomegranate juice can reverse the stenosis of carotid arteries by 29% in a year.

Consume this delicious and outstandingly healthy fruit frequently in order to prevent arterial plague. As a bonus, you will get more vitamin C, you will regulate your cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular system.

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