NBC NEWS: By The End Of 2017 All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant!

Americans will receive a microchip implants by the end of 2017, NBC warns. With the help of these microchips authorities will be able to identify the person in matter of milliseconds.

According to NBC, this revolution will cause major concern, because people will ask themselves if they really are who they say they are.

Other people’s concern is that with this upgraded and revolutionized RFID microchip, the federal government will become even more influential, because they could see and monitor our every move. In some states like Virginia there is legislation process against this. The people from NBC are adamant in their claims that the production process of RFID Brain microchip is now over and it is being tested on humans at the moment.

The use of this microchip in Bill H.R. 4872 can be discovered on page 1014 titled National Medical Device Registry, which tells about an implantable Class II device.

The RFID microchip allows the government to see our motion, control our food and manage our money. Some experts even speculate that this incredibly small device can kill the person which carries it.

The HR 3962 bill is an exact copy of HR 3200 bill with the main difference being that some words regarding the RFID microchip are sidelined. The ability to implant microchip in every American is still a possibility and these claims cannot be taken lightly. Just look at the bill and read pages 1501 through 1510, and pay attention to Class II special controls guidance for FDA staff and then use your own judgement.

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61 Replies to “NBC NEWS: By The End Of 2017 All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant!”

  1. It says in the Bible Revelation 13:16-18 And he caauseth All both small and great, rich and poor, Free and bond to Revive a mark in their right hand, or forehead: Rev 17 And that no Man buy or Sell, save he that had the name of the beast, or the Number of his name. These People don’t know what they are talking about, It Might seem like a good thing because it can track People if they are kidnap, but in the end you will loose your life, This mark of the best is all from the Goverment So they can keep track of you, Where you go what you but, People please just get ready because Jesus is coming very soon!!!

      1. That’s what birth certificate is for SS number I’m not leaving here with anything implanted in me I didn’t come here with God didn’t do so screw
        the government

    1. the mark of the beast according to the Bible is those who keep sunday and don’t keep the Sabbath its about obedience and action and thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand{the hand is symbolic of actions} and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes while the forehead is the seat of intellect} john1-29 Rev 12 -9 Rev13 -12 Matthew 24-24 Rev 13 -17 Rev14- 9- 10 Rev 20- 4 collosians 3-6 exodus 31-13to17

    2. Donna Pendley, you are accurate regarding Revelation 13:16-18, but you have misquoted what this passage of Scripture regarding the right hand or forehead means. Remember, the Prophecy of Revelation speaks in symbolics. When this passage of Scripture refers to The Mark being in the “right hand” or the “forehead,” it is NOT referring to a computer (veri) chip; it is referring to People’s actions (hand) and the (forehead) is referring to people’s thoughts. They are the lost souls who will give their loyalty to the Antichrist (Beast). Trust me, I will be IMPRISONED before I allow them to put a computer chip in me. Just like in Revelation, when it speaks of the Beast coming from out of the sea. Sea is symbolic for nations of people, not an actual body of water.

      1. Very true.jesus is almost here.please do not let them put a chip in you.automatic hell bound.no forgiveness.

    3. you do realize that the pope has been recorded saying that religion is a sham right. btw your so called god killed millions and Satan killed 2 in your storybook. also think of this all the children in the world starving to death daily and he won’t feed them while politicians get fat. either your god is fake or he is all good or all powerful not both. an all good and powerful god wouldn’t create flies that lay eggs in babies eyes in Africa. or even allow war to happen because why? ahhh it takes the life your so called god gave. don’t be a sheep. stop believing a book a bunch of medevil idiots used to control the masses. ps the picture of Jesus you know is actually Giorgio something a well known and wanted criminal son of a politician who wanted his son immortalized.

  2. We are so close to the second coming that it is pitiful. When the Governments in this world starts putting microchips in our bodies they have just agreed to doing what Satan wants us to do. Even though this is modern technology. It is the start of Satan’s way of identifying each of us.

  3. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think not I got a couple people that will protest with me

  4. We are not dogs who can’t speak for themselves. You want to chip someone, chip repeat criminals not working Americans.

    1. So, with your statement, is that to mean that People who have committed ” Crime ” Do not work ?
      And You and all who do not have criminal histories are above all others, and You have the right to sit in Judgment ?
      Just wondering.

  5. Who in the hell is so paranoid they think they need to be chipped. I hear of anybody doing this, I’m hacking the thing and changing their name to Fido.

  6. The hell I will, I ain’t getting no chip implanted in me. Fuck that. I’ll go off in the woods off radar. Fuck the government!

      1. I agree let start our own lil city of radar with live stock and we grow our own food.There is no way in hell this crazy ass goverment will chip me or my family like we are dogs!or i will leave this country before i do.

  7. I watched the broadcast and it was NEVER SAID THAT ALL AMERICANS WILL RECEIVE THE IMPLANT. It’s an idea from a company which is a way to pay for things. Like a implanted credit card that is impossible to be infected by fraud. It is completely optional and not even publicly available yet. This is an example of how all of you were fooled by misleading headlines and news.

    1. Yes this what you speak of is true. Its not mandatory right now but will be. First they will implement it and force the single mothers and middle class to poor to take it by threatening them with the loss of sec 8 fs cash assistance. And if you think about it the government would fully be correct. You want to continue to receive government assistance, then take this chip or lose it all. Then jobs will be ordered by law to make every employee have it in order to work and of course prisoners and convicted felons will be mandated and then once the church is raptures up no man will buy sell or trade without it. Trust me there is an order in place. But me and mines will die before the mark of the beast is placed in us. I would rather sacrifice my family’s life for half a second to gain eternity in heaven with God than to lose them to the lake of fire. Be blessed.

  8. Why are you sick people telling people this technology is getting out of control be consistent with it your going over the line with this bull the world already in enough control this is taking it too far I’m not sticking nothing in me you all can do it the ones making it up but leave other people out of it

  9. And just how!exactly, are they going to force “all Americans” to get chipped in 6 months NBC? And you wonder why your ratings are tanking?

  10. Because of course it will be child’s play to implant microchips into 325 million citizens within the next six months. It won’t require massive effort, mobilization, and enormous expense. Come on, are you *really* stupid enough to fall for this nonsense?

  11. No way!The government can stick ’em in their ass!! They are the ones who need a damn chip so we can keep a check on their corrupt asses!!!!

  12. Hell no this is the state of freedom and not being controlled or told what to do you try to put that thing in me and I’ll rip it out don’t test me. This could lead to identity theft

  13. There’s no way in Hell that’s going in me. Even if they force it I’ll cut it out of me. America is supposed to be free yet the government is trying it’s best to make it otherwise. I don’t need to be watched (even though you stalk everyone already using the technology everyone has) keep your dumb device away from me.

  14. There is no need to be concerned about this if you know whose you are..The book of Revelations talks about the mark of the beast. Believers will not even have to endure this..we will be caught up with Him before this happens. We are living in the last days..too much evidence to disprove this fact! May God be with you all.

  15. Let’s see …lets do the math …
    1…the mark of the beast ( the chip ) has begun
    2…the false prophet it’s already at the Vatican ” horns of a lamb talks like a dragon” waiting for the beast ( the A ntichrist)
    3…projet blue beam it’s getting tested as we speak
    4…babylonya = new York city ( mother of all prostitutes
    5…the beast ( 10 heads / 7 horns ) show us who will be …the floor of the statue of liberty is a star with 10 edges and the crown have 7 horns . Which is USA
    6…jared k ushner aka ” the a ntichrist ” have a business building with the number 666 on it at new York city ” babylonya …he is the main advisor of Trump and he is gathering politic experience and popularity…and he is talking about peace with the middle East…” one of the main descriptions of the beast …he will do what many were unable to do ” peace ”
    7…lesbian and gay marriage are legal …i got friends that are lesbians and gays but …this reminds me of Sodoma and gomorrah ..and u know what happen
    8…schools and parents are removing God from our children making them think God is some sort of fairy tale like Peter pan or something
    9…reptilians or demons however u want to call them are hiding at the Antarctica waiting for the right moment to strike
    10…dont be afraid of dying by God’s cause …u are going to die anyways …and if u stay here in this planet ..” ur America the land of the free will not be free because they will control every move of yours
    ..u better off dying it’s the best bet
    Believe me …i took psychology and theology and trust me u don’t want to piss off God…he may be our Father full of love ..but he does not like stupid and foolish people…ur choice humanity

  16. Never gonna happen! There is no way in hell anybody is getting close enough to put a chip in my arm. I barely ever make an appointment I’m suppose to go too. So I wanna see someone try and put a chip in me lol. All jokes aside, America is the land of the free if they do decide to do this there will be all kinds of hell breaking loose. And I’m sure the government don’t want what!

  17. Well let the new age slavery begin i guess. But i wont allow that to enter my body so you better be willing to die because ill be willing to kill if you want that chip in me! BRING HERE, ILL SHOW YOU!!!

  18. Revelations 13:16-18:
    16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads:
    17) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
    18) Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is a number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and 6, 666.

    My opinion is this will happen after the Church is removed and at the beginning of the 2nd half of the tribulation.
    I think that the chips of today are the fore-runner of the Mark of the Beast.
    Does that matter?
    Will not the Church be taken away at the end of the Church Age?
    Is not the Mark of the Beast directed at those who get saved during the tribulation?
    If there no one getting saved during the tribulation, what would be the reasoning behind having a Mark?
    The Church=The Body of Christ, the true believers not the make-believers.
    When the Church is removed, the floodgates of hell will be opened.
    Think of the Church as a dam, a dam which is holding back sin, everything vile, unnatural, the totality of everything evil, holding back hell it’s self. What will happen when Jesus removes the dam?
    As Christians we are to watch for the signs, be ready for He comes as a thief in the night, so is that our main objective, is that our mission, our calling, to quibble about the Mark?
    NO, what about our lost family members, lost relatives, lost friends, lost neighbors and anyone else who is lost?
    Remember, this is my opinion from my studying Revelations, I may be wrong, we each have our own opinions. God Bless

  19. Like hell! No one will put anything like that in me. I don’t like pain, but I would dig it out over and over again if I had too. I am having to use a friends email, so please don’t send messages to her. I don’t have email of my own.

  20. They can make all of our services–our entire lives–dependent on getting and keeping a chip. Without it, they can refuse all services–health care, banking, social services, transportation, jobs, mortgages, licenses, and on and on. In reality, there would quickly be no other method to pay bills or do anything without that embedded chip–no credit cards, no money. No chip? You’re screwed. Resist. RESIST NOW!

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