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Press These 2 Points Near Your Hips To Eliminate Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Sciatica, and More

Experiencing pain in the lower back comes as a consequence of  few factors such as strained back muscle, injury while lifting heavy objects, or genetics.

At the beginning the pain might be mild, but it can end up as intense. Also, it might be followed by a tingling or burning sensation in one or both legs.

The pain might be reduced by conventional analgesic, but that will just solve the problem temporarily. The alternative medicine offers many ways to get rid of the pain effectively and permanently.

WebMD asserts that acupuncture is the best technique for relaxing and treating many diseases. This ancient Chinese method keeps your body well balanced. It is described as massaging or pressing points on certain areas on the body.

The human body has many acupuncture points. By stimulating them, you can get various health benefits. In order to relieve the lower back pain, press the points B48 and GB30.

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Try massaging the point B48 and you will feel instant relief in the hips, in the sacral area, and sciatica pain. Massage these spots gently because they are very sensitive and can be inflamed in the case of back pain.

You will also treat diabetes and diarrhea by pressing this point.

Massaging the second point will help you reduce the pain in the hips, buttocks, lower back, and sciatica pain. It will also soothe muscle spasms. In case you have leg pain or hemiplegia (complete paralysis of half of the body), try practicing this massage.

Other ways to relieve the lower back pain:

  • Don’t spend too many hours in a sitting position. By at least doing strecthing, you will prevent muscle spasms.
  • Take an ice pack and apply it on the area you want to treat.
  • Be physically active and exercise often to strengthen your musculature.
  • Avoid wearing high heels to prevent improper body posture and lower back pain.
  • Try to keep your weight under control.

Persistency is the key to treating this kind of pain and that is how you will feel the difference.

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