Squeeze 1 Lemon, Mix It With 1 Tbs. Of Olive Oil And You’ll Use This Mixture For The Rest Of Your Life!

Today we are going to share with you an amazing recipe, whose ingredients will detoxify your body completely and resolve common problems such as fatigue and energy.

All you need to do is combine olive oil and lemon. This energizing duo will improve your mood, level up your energy, and tiredness will no longer impede your from realizing all your everyday activities.

In the opinion of experts, this natural cure has been used for centuries as a measure for prevention of many health problems. It has also been proven effective as a beauty remedy.
Since olive oil contains fatty acids which prevent bad cholesterol, being an inevitable part of the Mediterranean diet. This oil cleanses your body and it deserves the first place on your food list.

Historical evidences prove that the Greeks and Romans called this oil the ‘liquid gold.’

As far as the lemon is concerned, it is considered as the ‘yellow healthy bomb.’ It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, which improve your overall health condition. Their high quantity of vitamin C and B, phosphorus, proteins, potassium, carbohydrates, and flavonoids, make it one of the healthiest fruits in the world.
Having all these healthy properties in mind, have no doubt that this mixture will help you with both curing and preventing various health disorders. One of them are the following:

Cardiovascular problems:

It improves your blood circulation, which is essential for proper functioning of the heart. This mixture prevents cardiovascular problems and is extremely beneficial in treating heart related issues.

Rheumatic problems:

It is extremely helpful in treating joint pain and all types of rheumatic issues, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you are experiencing this problem, just consume it regularly on an empty stomach.


This combination acts as a powerful lubricant for the digestive mucus. In that way, the function of the liver and gallbladder is stimulated and significantly improved.
Moreover, it supports digestion and eliminates excess of water from your water. It also cleans your body from the increased number of toxins.

It cleanses the liver, kidneys and gallbladder:

Another advantage of consuming this drink every morning, the growth of gallstones will no longer be a threat for your health. Also, the kidneys, the liver, and the gallbladder will be left perfectly detoxified.

Here’s the recipe:

Squeeze one lemon, mix it with 1 tbsp. of olive oil and this very special drink is ready. Consume it every morning in a glass of water an hour before you start your breakfast.


Source: myhealthylifeguru.com

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