Trump: Vaccines Cause Autism and Will Be Investigated!!

The U.S. President Donald Trump, considers that vaccines are to blame for the autism epidemic. He has promised to examine the case. On this topic he declared :’’Saving our children and their future is beyond important.’’


He refuses the official statement that there is no linkage between vaccines and autism. Trump adds that there has been a cover up to hide the truth. On his Twitter account, he wrote about an experience that one young child had. A two-year-old child went to the doctor to have the vaccine. A week later, he got a terrible fever, got very sick, and now he is diagnosed with autism.

In a GOP debate with Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, a neuroscientist, asserted that there is no acknowledged proof which confirms that vaccines are the reason for developing autism. However, he doesn’t deny the fact that they are probably giving too many in a very short period of time.

Trump’s reaction is similar to the one in April 2012, on Fox News. This response was also related to autism and one child of one of his employees who damaged his health after the vaccinations.

Trump explains that his state has never had a problem like this before, as they are facing an epidemic now. Of course that he is not against a baby receiving vaccinations to prevent certain diseases, but he cannot accept the situation when one baby after two months goes through different health problems. He testified few cases.

The correlation between autism and vaccinations came under federal analysis. The Florida US Congressman Bill Posey, noted before a House committee the statement of Center for Disease Control  whistleblower Bill Thompson, who asserted that the agency and the researchers are part of a big plot. To be more precise, they destroyed documents that prove the vaccine autism link.

Bill Posey presented lies by the CDC, who claimed that MMR vaccine has nothing to do with autism. One Pediatrics study in 2004, was conducted to determine whether MMR vaccine caused the autism epidemic.

This case is yet to be thoroughly analyzed with Trump in the White House, implementing full executive powers.

1 thought on “Trump: Vaccines Cause Autism and Will Be Investigated!!

  1. So glad Trump is looking into this. My grandson who is 23 now was tested at age 6 and was found to be smarter than 07% of the people. When he started school and had all the shots, he was later diagnosted with several different things aand has never been the same. I will always believe it was caused by the shots.

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