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Try These Interesting Techniques To Relieve Back, Neck Or Knee Pain In Seconds! All You Need is a Tennis Ball

If you are one of those people whose work depends on computers, then you definitely have problems with your back and neck. Other situations which may cause these pains are bad sleeping position, spending few hours on writing, stress and so on. Knee pain on the other hand, can appear after long running or some exercises.

But, don’t panic. We have will show you how to get rid of the pain in no time.

First, let us explain to you what Myofascial pain actually is. This syndrome is a chronic pain disorder, which can occur as a consequence of a repetitive contraction of the muscles, which presses the sensitive points.

This is the reason why we recommend you using a tennis ball to help you reduce the pain in your muscles. It will also stretch them out and bring back its elasticity.

On Which Points You Should Put Your Tennis Ball?

  • Stiff Shoulders

With this exercise you will be able to stretch the cuff muscles out. In this way, your shoulders will become stable. Also, the tension that you are feeling will be gone.

To do this exercise, you should lie with your face up on the floor and put one tennis ball behind both your shoulders. Now, roll over the ball with your shoulder.

  • Stretched Back

You should relax the erector and suboccipital muscles after long hours of sedentary work or hard physical work. Plus, if they are less activated during the day, they tend to tighten up a little bit. So, this exercise will help you relax and relieve the pressure in the neck.

First, lie on the ground, with your face up and place 2 tennis balls under your skull base. Then, start moving your head and allow the tennis balls settle easily in the back part of the neck. Stay firm in this position for one minute and then turn your head from one side to another to rotate the direction. Finally, center the head on one side, nod it and then change the side.

  • Sore Back

This activity will help you reduce stress and the pain in your back.

Start with putting 2 tennis balls below your back, between the ribs and the tailbone. Next, move your hips from one side to another. Make sure that balls move over your back. Now, you should put light pressure near the spine and slow down the moving in stiffer parts of your back. Perform this exercise for 5 minutes and don’t forget to take deep breaths.

  • Compressed Chest

The feeling of tight chest is very unpleasant and you should never disregard this problem. Sometimes it can be very painful and if you don’t treat this condition on time, it may cause serious breathing difficulties and further problems with the nervous system. This exercise will help you ease the pressure in your chest.

Stand near a wall corner or door. Then, put the tennis ball below your collarbone. Stay in this position for one minute. It’s important to take deep breath while you are pressing the ball. Now, move along the upper part of your chest and move your clavicle up and down, from one side to another. To stimulate other muscular movement, move your neck and arm for one minute and then change the side.

  • Bad Posture

By keeping a good body posture, you are protecting your spine. But, almost every person has bad posture as a result of many reasons, bad sleeping position, sitting or standing position. Proper body posture is beyond important and you don’t want to hurt your muscles or spinal column.

This exercise begins with lying in the same position on the ground with 2 balls each side of your back. Put the hands behind your head and simultaneously lift the head upwards. Then, place your head towards the chest and raise your hips. Make sure you take deep breaths while performing this activity. Keep breathing deeply, and roll the tennis balls over your back for 4 minutes.

  • Aching Hands

If you have felt certain pressure on the flexor muscles after long hours of writing, then this s the right exercise for you.

Put your hand on a table on top of the tennis ball and your other hand should be left on the top to add extra pressure. To stretch your palm, move the ball horizontally in all directions. Do this technique for 3 minutes and repeat the same procedure with your other palm.

  • Tender Thighs

You probably know the enjoyment while running and biking and they are definitely one of the best physical activities, but there is always the chance of straining the quadriceps muscles or the vactus laterails. You will relax these muscles by practicing this technique.

Sit in a chair and put 2 tennis balls on the external side of your thigh. Slowly straighten and bend your knee 30 times. Move the thigh horizontally by scrolling the ball across the side of your thigh. Do the same on the other side.

  • Aching Hips

Sitting for too long and uncomfortable high heels or shoes, can damage the small and big muscles that support the pelvis. Do this exercise and you will ease the pain.

Lie down and put the tennis ball between your hip and the floor. Lean onto the ball. Now, do 12 slow circles and then change to the other side.

  • Aching Feet

If you feel pain in your feet, it means that you have been standing for a longer period of time or probably you have been wearing uncomfortable shoes. It might not look as a serious problem to you, but consider the possibility that this ache can turn into long term upper back pain and plantar fasciitis. Stretch out your feet with this effective exercise.

Put one tennis ball under your foot and stand on it. Then, roll it up and down your heel. This exercise is supposed to last 1 minute on each foot.

  • Cramped Knees

With the help of this exercise , you will manage to stretch your kneecap, and bones of your lower leg and thigh.

It is very simple. Sit in a chair, place a tennis ball at the back of your bent knee and close the side of the knee. Make this exercise 10 times and then relax.

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