USDA Approves Horse Slaughterhouse To Produce Meat For Human Consumption

The news that U.S. Government approves of horse slaughterhouses to produce meat for human consumption is now official. They will be still routinely inspected to check the process of meat produce.

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The USDA is expected to approve of horse meat in Missouri and Iowa as well. Horse meat cannot be legally sold in the USA for human consumption, but it can be used in pet food. Horse meat has already been related to scandalous food operation in Europe. It was found out that meatballs sold out throughout European supermarkets were made with horse meat.

Under the Obama administration, horse slaughterhouses became legal again

Horse meat slaughterhouses were forbidden during the Bush administration, but under President Obama, the ban ended in 2011 and allowed horse meat slaughterhouse to start over with operations. Valley Meat Co, in Roswell New Mexico, was required to issue the grant of inspection, because they met all federal obligations. The USDA also says that Canada and Mexico are the countries were most horses are slaughtered. The number reaches up to 130, 000 horses each year.

It seems like U.S companies want to do the same business.

Where horses really come from for meat production?

Here comes the shocking part of this story. Most of this horse meat comes from horse owners who make a decision to have their horses killed due to many reasons: illness, injury, or simply financial reasons, being no longer able to afford keeping them.

So, instead of calling the vet to administer them with lethal injection, they call they slaughterhouse that have them subjected to a horrifying death in a meat packing plant. Hence, horse slaughterhouses are able to buy these horses for a dollar, which is far below the real price to raise a horse.

Unfortunately, these gracious animals end up bleeding out on the floor of a horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico. Raising a horse takes a huge amount of physical work and dedication, so if you are considering buying a horse as your pet, think about the responsibilities that go along with taking care of this animal. Generally, animals are living beings and they have their needs and rights.

If you are determined to become a horse owner, make sure you are doing it right and never let your horse be slaughtered for food.

Read Article: “Burger Kings Confirms The Rumors And Admits That They Are Using Horse Meat In The Burgers

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