This Woman Just Discovered the Elixir Of Youth: She Is 74 and Looks Like 30!

As the process of aging advances, we are trying to find ways to maintain youthful look as much as possible. One women has succeeded in this quest. She is 74, but she looks amazing.

She decided to share her experience when discovering the elixir of youth. Her name is Annette Larkins and she comes from Miami Dade Country, Florida. When you look at her you would never tell that she is old enough to be a grandmother. Interestingly enough, her husband Amos Larkins, is over 50 years old and you will tell that he looks more like her grandfather than her husband.

Annette definitely managed to stop the time. She looks great and her physical condition is excellent. Her skin is flawless and her energy levels are very high. She feels fresh and energized as soon as she gets up, unlike her husband.

He never followed the same healthy diet as her and takes medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. She has only been using natural solutions for any kind of health problem.

What’s her secret then?

She says that she follows exclusively vegan diet. Annette has her own garden and she uses nothing but fruits and vegetables, grown on her own. Amos owned a meat store in the 1960s and that is the reason why she decided to lead a life consuming only vegetarian food. She went full raw vegan a couple decades after. Her diet plan is consisted of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

She also consumes a lot of her own food. The only drink she consumes is rainwater. As a strict raw vegan, cooked or processed food are never part of her eating regimen. Her husband admires because of her strong will, vitality and being constantly occupied with healthy habits. He emphasizes that she is fluent in three languages and never ceases to learning new things.

At this moment, her favorite activities are taking care of her garden and sewing. If you want to find out more about her life and her advice, visit her YouTube channel.

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