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They Gave Him 18 Years Of Life But He Managed To Cure Cancer …In an Illegal Way

David Hibbitt, is a 33-year-old from Britain who has managed to beat one of the most dangerous illnesses – cancer.

In April this year, David married his fiancée Heather and on their special day he shared the happy news with his friends and family that cancer had disappeared completely.

However, David had hard time fighting this vicious disease. Continue reading to find out more about his case and in what way he managed to managed to overcome cancer.

Marijuana to fight cancer: Is it really effective?

In February, last year, David was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Unfortunately, doctors detect it late, and cancer had already been in its final stage. Then, the doctors told him that he only had 18 months of life.

This moment was definitely shocking for both David and his family. But, this young man decided not to surrender and look for something that would help him save his life.

David had already knew about the positive effects of marijuana when it comes to treating cancer. So he was determined to stop the chemotherapy and try this unconventional therapy.

So, David started using marijuana oil 3 months after the diagnosis. He explained what changes he had noticed. After only several months his appetite was increased and the quality of his sleep was significantly improved. After few days, his hair was growing and he was feeling much better.

After several weeks, his hands and feet were no longer shaking, which came as a consequence of the chemotherapy he underwent to.

David concluded that he made the right decision by trying this option which had much better effects compared to the harmful effects of chemotherapy. Hence, he decided to take more oil and never return to chemotherapy again.

The decision of increasing in the dose of marijuana turned out to be right as well. In February 2016, the doctors told him that his organism is cancer-free. After this news, he started his wedding preparations.

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