The Hands Of This 46-Year-Old Looked Like She Had 70 But When Her Friend Told Her This Secret Recipe, She Couldn’t Recognize Her Hands!

We use our hands every day and according to the experts, hands program the first signs of aging.

The skin on the hands is very soft, sensitive and thin. Luckily, you can renew your skin on the hands very easy.

Visible aging

The back side of the hands don’t have a lot of fat, and that’s why the signs of aging become more noticeable when the elastin and collagen begin to break. Hands are regularly exposed to different chemicals because we use different cleaning supplies every day. These chemicals have a huge effect on the hands, so it is very reasonable that they need extra care.


Experts say that eggs are very powerful and if we combine them with honey, they can help us to bring back flexibility on the hand’s skin. It’s very simple and easy. Just mix egg whites with one tablespoon of honey. Then apply this mixture on the hands and let them dry. Use water and soap to wash it.


Potatoes are very effective when we talk about hands’ skin. They can help you to have gentle skin again. Take a couple of medium-sized potatoes and wash them well. Then boil them, let them cool enough and then mash them using a fork. When the potato pasta is ready, add some milk, honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Put this mixture in the refrigerator. Clean your hands with soap and water and dry them. Then apply this mixture and wait for 15 minutes before you wash them with water and soap. Repeat this 2-3 times a week.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is extremely helpful for the skin on your hands. It can definitely help you to return strength, softness, and elasticity of your hands. Use rosehip oil to massage your hands every day.

Lemon and sugar

If you want to improve the microcirculation on your hands, sugar and lemon mixture is an excellent choice.  Just apply a mixture of half lemon juice and two tablespoons of sugar on your hands. Wash your hands with cold water and soap.

Almond oil

If you want to hydrate your dry hands all you need is cold water and almond oil. Put your hands in almond oil and then in cold water for about 5 minutes. That’s all.  Apply oily cream on your hands and put on cotton gloves on your hands and leave them overnight. Next morning your hands will be fully hydrated.


If you want to have soft skin on your hands, just apply some Vaseline, put on cotton gloves and leave them with the Vaseline and cotton gloves overnight. The result will be amazing.

Stop biting your nails

Biting nails is a very bad and unhealthy habit. It slows down nails development and affects the skin on your palms. This way your hands look even older.

Avoid utilizing extremely hot water

If you want to avoid dehydration on your hands, stop exposing them to extremely hot water. Use cold or lukewarm water.

Secure your hands from the winter

During the winter, you should always wear gloves when you go outside. This way you will protect your hands from early aging.

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